Adhyayan Suman had accused Kangana of doing black magic, said- slapped and hit her with sandals

Bollywood Actor Singer Adhyayan Suman has turned 34 years old. Adhyayan Suman was born on 13 January 1988 in Mumbai to famous actor Shekhar Suman. Adhyayan made his Bollywood debut in the year 2008 with the film Haal-e-Dil. However, his first film proved to be a flop.

It would not be wrong to say about Adhyayan Suman that he has been in discussions more about his controversies than his work. Especially the controversy in which his name and Kangana Ranaut’s name were linked together.

When Adhyayan fell in love with Queen, Suman’s film career was not very long. More than his films, he has been in discussions about controversies. After Haal-e-Dil flop, Adhyayan appeared in Raj: The Mystery Continues.

In this film, as a female actress, Kangana Ranaut spread her beauty as her opposite. Kangana and Adhyayan Suman came close to each other during this film. The love blossomed and both of them started dating each other openly.

This was the period when Kangana Ranaut was so much in love with Adhyayan Suman that he compared her to Bollywood’s legendary actor Shashi Kapoor. Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut’s love-filled journey did not last long. Within a year, this relationship came on the verge of breaking up. Not only this, after the breakup of the relationship, both of them made many serious allegations against each other.

The study made many serious allegations

After the breakup, Adhyayan Suman made many big statements about Kangana Ranaut. Adhyayan Suman said that- Kangana used to beat him up, used to abuse him… Not only this, Kangana also used to pressurize him to take ganja.

Adhyayan Suman also gave a big statement about Kangana and her relationship. He said that- I was only 20 years old at the time of my relationship with Kangana. Kangana used to look very strange at times. Before a film fair night, Kangana had given me a ganja drink and said that I need a new style.

Once Adhyayan Suman also revealed about his and Kangana’s relationship, when Kangana slapped him. He told me that- Once we went to Hrithik Roshan’s party. Kangana slapped me hard after returning from the party.

After that Kangana also hit me in the car and after reaching home, she threw sandals at me. Not only this, once Kangana’s ex-boyfriend Aditya Pancholi also told me that- Welcome to the circus. However, at that time the meaning of his words was not understood.

Kangana accused of black magic

Not only this, but Adhyayan Suman had also accused Kangana Ranaut of doing black magic. Study Suman told me that- Once Kangana took me to an astrologer. He took me there and locked me in a room and asked me to recite the mantra.

It was all very strange for me because I grew up and studied in Mumbai-London-New York. I did not believe in all these things and did not know anything about them. I came to know about all these things when a tarot card reader told me that I was under the influence of black magic of hilly terrain.

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