Ajay Devgan’s daughter took away all the glamor from this girl of Kapoor family, ruckus wearing tight clothes

Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s daughter Nysa Devgan is one of those star kids who may not have made her Bollywood debut, but even after this, the 18-year-old girl’s glamor has grabbed a lot of limelight. has done. Nysa not only looks like a living Barbie doll with her amazing fashion sense and perfect figure but she also highlights her body type very well by understanding it. One such look of Nyasa has come to the fore again, where she grabbed all the limelight from the Kapoor family’s ladli.

went out to a party wearing a black dress

Actually, Nyasa Devgan was recently spotted with Khushi Kapoor and Shanaya Kapoor outside the Bastian restaurant located in the Bandra area of ​​Mumbai, where she dressed in a black look from head to toe. was styled.

The deep cut neckline was made in skinniest dress

During this, Nyasa Devgan wore a black color dress with the skinniest pattern, which had a deep-cut neckline with cutout sleeves. The design of the outfit was kept very plain, which was creating a different modern touch.

There is no doubt that Nyasa’s clothes were very comfy, in which the element of boldness was also seen in abundance. However, this lady teamed up the white shirt with the dress, which was seen creating a different level of tease effect.

kept makeup simple

Nyasa Devgan looks very cute and sexy even with minimal makeup. She styled this outfit in the same way. Nyasa had highlighted her eyes during this, with which she kept the lips in a glossy look.

Shanaya’s look also faded

Shanaya also styled herself in a black look, in which she wore a matching mini skirt with a crop top. Shanaya looked gorgeous as always. Yes, that thing is different than in front of Nyasa, her style seemed to fall short.

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