Anupamaa Spoiler: Romil Admits Guilt in Front of Anupama, Malati Devi to Rescue Pakhi

“Anupamaa” continues to be the most beloved TV show these days, with a focus on Pakhi, Anupama’s daughter. In recent episodes, Pakhi has gone missing, causing great distress to everyone. Anuj and Anupama are tirelessly searching for her. Meanwhile, Romil Raj’s involvement has come to light, as he possesses Pakhi’s purse.

Pakhi in Trouble Amidst Gangsters

In the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, viewers will witness Pakhi’s unfortunate fall after a dizzy spell. A group of thugs surrounds her, attempting to harm her. They will make an inappropriate move towards Pakhi. Just then, Guru Maa Malati Devi arrives on the scene. Malati Devi will recognize Pakhi. Whether she can save Pakhi or not will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Romil’s Revelation

Upon Anupama’s inquiry, Romil will reveal the whole truth to her. He will explain how since he came to Kapadia House, everyone has been humiliating him. What’s worse, despite his good intentions to help Pakhi, she has been disrespectful towards him. This is what led him to commit the wrong act with Pakhi.

Pakhi’s Disappearance from a Friend’s House

Anupama will advise Romil to ask his friend about Pakhi’s whereabouts. He puts the call on speakerphone. Romil’s friend will disclose that Pakhi was extremely troubled, so he gave her sleeping pills. Not only that, he even left the door unlocked. However, he is unaware of where Pakhi went after that.

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