Aryan Khan, son of Shahrukh Khan in a state of intoxication, did the toilet at the airport?

A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. As soon as this video went viral, it is being claimed that the person doing the toilet at the airport is Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan.

Some such incidents happen that whose videos become viral on social media within a few minutes. Many times there is a fear of spoiling the image of people due to these viral videos. One such video is going viral on social media, which is being discussed everywhere. In this video, a boy is seen toileting at the airport. It is being claimed in the viral post that this boy is none other than Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh Khan. Know what is the truth of this viral video.

this young man appeared intoxicated

The boy who is seen in this viral video is wearing a cream color full sleeve T-shirt with denim jeans. In the video, you will see that a person from the ground staff of the airport says something to him and holds his hand. After that the person leaves his hand, that boy starts walking staggeringly. Seeing which it is clear that the boy is drunk.

suddenly started toilet

In the video, you will see that this boy suddenly opens his pants and starts toileting at the airport itself. Everyone is surprised to see which.

Know why Aryan Khan’s name is being added

Actually, the boy in the video looks exactly like Aryan Khan, son of Shahrukh Khan in gesture, hairstyle, and way of dressing, due to which people are considering it as Aryan Khan. But this is not the truth.

Know the truth of this viral video

This video is almost 9 years old. The name of the person seen in this video is Bronson Pelletier, who has worked in 4 films of ‘The Twilight Saga’ series in 2009-12. This incident of December 2012 has also been mentioned by Bronson Pelletier in his Wikipedia. After this incident, he was also sent to probation for 2 years. That is, it proves that the person seen in the viral video is not Aryan Khan but actor Bronson Pelletier.

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