At the age of 48, Karishma Kapoor got the passion of youth, wearing a bra became bold in front of her sister!

Karisma Kapoor is undoubtedly far away from the limelight and she is not becoming a part of any kind of film. But many times their pictures come to the fore on social media and this time something similar has come to the fore.

Please tell that Karishma Kapoor has shared a picture in bra and during this she is seen on the beach. Everyone is surprised to see 48 years old Karisma Kapoor and it is being said that the actress still looks very hot and beautiful.

People made comments
Sharing this picture, Karisma Kapoor wrote, “Sister is scrolling while I am pouting.” After this, a lot of comments are coming from people on her picture. One wrote, “Karisma is still Karishma.” Another wrote, “You are so badly burnt!! Sunscreen please.

One wrote, Lal Lal ho gaye.” One said, “Her crush photo is zooming behind this girl.” One said, “Haha just bhai baatein!” Although Karisma Kapoor There has been no reaction of any kind from the side.

people are waiting
Karisma Kapoor’s fans are waiting for Lolo to make a comeback soon and if not in a film, then at least in a web series. However, what happens next, only time will tell.


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