Aunt Saba Ali Khan has reacted to Sara Ali Khan’s nose injury

A well-known Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan has got an injury on her nose. She has shared this with her fans on her Instagram account on Tuesday. Her aunt Saba Ali Khan reacted on Wednesday.

Sara Ali Khan has shared one post on the Instagram account regarding her nose injury. As is it known fact, that during casting and making of any films there are so many of the incident happens, where an actor or actress has to come up with some of the injuries. Likewise that only recently Sara Ali Khan has shared one post on the Instagram account, in which she has reported to her fan that she has got nose injury. And in the comment sections, he has also apologized to her parents for this. So many fans have reacted to her post with emojis and felt pity for her.

Sara Ali Khan’s injured nose

Sara Ali Khan post

She shared one short video that. In that video, she said “Knock Knock, who’s there…”.Along with this post she has apologized to her parents and Amrita Singh Saif Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan. She wrote “Sorry Amma Abba Iggy ,Naak kaat di Maine (I have cut my nose)”. On this one of her fans has reacted as “Gorgeous” and one fan has said, “Hope you are feeling better now”.  

Fans reaction on Sara Ali Khan’s Nose injury

Aunt Saba Ali Khan Reaction

In reaction to her post she her aunty Saba Ali Khan has also posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday. Saba Ali khan wrote, “I hope it’s not very serious. Love you, take care”. With this, she has also shared some photos of her nephew Taimur Ali Khan and niece Naumi Kemmu. Saba Ali Khan mostly used to share her family photos on her Instagram account with her fans. She has shared one of her photos with her brother (Saif Ali Khan ), Sister (Soha Ali Khan), Sister-in-law(Kareena Kapoor), Nephew (Taimur Ali Khan, Parents (Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi).

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