Auto became honeymoon room, Haseena kept kissing foreign husband continuously, people said- ‘These people are obscene’

Many times such videos come to the fore which are enough to surprise you. Stars get trolled for this and they are even tagged as shameless. One such video of actress Sreejita Dey is currently going viral.

During this, she started doing dirty acts with her foreign husband in the auto itself. In front of the media cameras, Sreejita kisses her foreigner husband one after the other and the video is going viral. During this, both were sitting in the auto and the media comes in front of them.

The paps tell them to get married in the auto itself. After this both start lip locking with each other. As soon as the video goes viral, many types of comments are coming out and trolling is happening. One wrote, “These people are obscene.”

One wrote, spreading obscenity in the auto. One said, “Madam, this is an auto, not a honeymoon room.” One wrote, “What is going on in this country.” One wrote, “The media is also enjoying itself.” Many such comments are coming to the fore and going viral.

Although both have not given any kind of reaction. Talking about Sreejita Dey, she was last seen in ‘Bigg Boss Season 16’, TV actress Sreejita Dey finally got married. She has had a white wedding in the church with long-term boyfriend Michael. According to Christian custom, they have adopted Michael into the church.

After the marriage that took place on July 1, the actress had now shared her pictures on Instagram. In which she was once seen with arms in arms. However, whether the actress reacts to this video and its comments, only time will tell.

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