Babita of ‘Ashram’ is very bold in real life too, wreaks havoc in bikini look

Actress Tridha Chowdhary, who was seen in the role of Babita in Bobby Deol’s web series ‘Ashram’, is quite bold in real life. She often shares her photos and videos on social media.

Tridha Choudhury Photos: Today Tridha Choudhury does not need any introduction. Today she is a well-known face in the world of entertainment. She became very popular with Bobby Deol’s web series ‘Ashram’. (Pic: Instagram)

Tridha Chowdhary played the character of Babita in ‘Ashram’ and she gave a lot of intimate scenes. her character was well liked by the fans.

Let us tell you, Tridha Chowdhary is very bold not only on screen but also in real life and often shares pictures and photos on social media to add glamor to her.

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