Backless gown hinged on twisted strap, the price will blow your mind!

Priyanka Chopra’s style is something else and it is only getting better with time. Now Priyanka was seen in a gown that was held only on twisted straps.

Priyanka Chopra was recently seen in a white gown. People always liked this style of Priyanka who used to rule in this color. Carrying off this plain white gown with style, Priyanka once again proved that she is indeed a style diva.

The specialty of this gown with deep V line front neck was its twisted strap. This backless gown was hinged only on this one string and this was making this gown the most different and unique. Priyanka wore high heels with open hair, simple earring in her ears.

By the way, as stylish as this outfit was, its price is equally shocking. If you also want to look different in this simple yet unique gown, then first know its price. This gown is worth Rs 97,631 i.e. around Rs 1 lakh.

These days Priyanka is in a lot of discussion. Her spy thriller series Citadel has been released, Priyanka was also waiting for its release for a long time. For its promotion also she came to India with the whole family.

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