Big Boss 15’s Shamita Shetty as a “Pure Soul”, as she offered her slipper.

In one of the episodes Shamita Shetty has torn down the Miesha Iyer Slipper and on the next day episode, She Offered her slipper to Miesha Iyer. On this Netizens called her “Pure Soul”.

Big Boss 15’s season is more fun and dramatic. This show has been hosted by Salman Khan. Up to now, this season is Half of its way. Up to now, we have seen so many of the love triangles and fights in this season of this Show. Shamita is a round tough Competing contestant of this Season under this Show.

During one task Shamita has destroyed Miesha Iyer Slipper. Under that Task, they have destroyed the slipper of others. after Destroying her Slipper Shamita Shetty felt very bad. She apologized to her and said that her Stylish will offer her a new slipper.

Later Pratik Sehajpal one of the contestant of Big Boss 15, he came to Shamita and said her that her parents are no more. At that moment Shamita started weeping. She felt worse and she offered her a slipper at that moment to Miesha Iyer. Miesha Iyer said that it is not as expensive as a Shamita’s.

Shamita Shetty Follower

Shamita Shetty

This gorgeous look of Shamitta Shetty has attracted netizens and they have praised a lot about this gesture of Shamita Shetty. They have called her a pure soul. One of the users and fans of Shamita Shetty wrote,” We already knew about how Kind-hearted Our Queen is!  She has such a Pure Soul! Now, the whole world knows! #ShamitaShetty #ShamitaIsTheBoss”.

One user said, “Shamita felt so bad after destroying Meisha’s shoes and getting to know about her parents made her breakdown She gave Meisha her shoes too. Such a Pure should you are Shamita Shetty  You won my heart all over again #ShamitaShetty #BiggBoss15”.

One more user wrote ,”#ShamitaShetty aisi hi thi humesha se thanks for finally recognizing and appreciating. And yes my heart goes out for #MeishaIyer”.

One fan wrote ,”So heartbreaking to know about #MeishaIyer #ShamitaShetty u are a good soul.” .

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