‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestant Tejashwi Prakash revealed, father had left mother after 15 days of marriage!

Famous TV actress Tejashwi Prakash is seen in ‘Bigg Boss Season 15’ these days. In the show, the actress has made a big disclosure about her personal life.

In ‘Bigg Boss 15’, there is some uproar in the day. But recently Tejaswi Prakash, the contestant of this show, has made a big disclosure about his personal life. Talking to his co-contestants on the show, Tejashwi said that after marrying his mother, his father had gone to Dubai without informing him. A week after the wedding, Papa had done this, after which the mother had to listen to the taunts.

Heartfelt talks with Shamita and Prateek

Tejashwi revealed this while talking to his co-contestants Prateek Sahajpal and Shamita Shetty. Tejasswi Prakash said- ‘When my parents got married, my father had gone to Dubai within a week. It was an arranged marriage. He didn’t come back for a year and a half.

Used to tell mom and went away by cheating

The actress said that at that time everyone used to tell mom that she left by cheating. It’s not coming back. Got married and ran away. But father and mother used to write love letters to each other at that time. Even they used to do planning by calling each other at the telephone booth. How difficult was all this at that time?

Tejashwi’s father did not return for a year and a half

Tejashwi Prakash said- ‘His father did not come back for one and a half years. He lived in Dubai and bought a house there, bought a car, and bought many things. After that, he called his mother to Dubai. At first, people were very angry with Papa but later became happy with him. In the conversation, the actress also told that she used to be a resident of the UAE for some time and she had to go to Dubai several times in between.

Tejashwi expressed his love for Karan in the show

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra have fallen in love with each other in ‘Bigg Boss’. Sometimes these two are seen immersed in each other’s love and sometimes they are seen fighting.

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