Bigg Boss 15 is rigged openly to win this contestant? Revealed in the show

There has been a new disclosure related to Bigg Boss 15. The supporter who came to this show said that he has done all the settings and now no one will be able to stop him from winning.

Voting is being rigged in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. This was disclosed by none other than Rahul Mahajan himself on the show. Rahul Mahajan came as a supporter of Rakhi Sawant in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ of ‘Bigg Boss’. During this, Rahul Mahajan said such a thing in front of everyone, knowing that you will be surprised.

getting rigged

Apart from Rahul Mahajan, the celebs came in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ to support the rest of the family. During this, Rahul Mahajan told Rakhi Sawant that ‘this time I have made the complete set of voting, you will win. The voting booth is set up outside. Whoever presses the voting button, the vote will go to Rakhi only.

Votes will be received from everywhere

Along with this, Rahul told Rakhi- ‘On pressing any button, the vote will go to you only. Whether the button is of mobile or of lift. Even if someone presses the button in Mumbai’s lift, the vote will go directly to Rakhi. Rakhi says in response- ‘I do not believe in you.’

Rahul beat up Rakhi’s husband

Rahul Mahajan said- ‘Rakhi your husband was sitting with someone. I went and beat him a lot. Now he is sitting at home with your photo and worships you every day. By losing. In response, Rakhi says- ‘Hey! I am alive so why is sitting on my photo wearing a necklace. I haven’t died, haven’t I?

Colors shared the video

Colors have shared this video on its official Instagram account. Sharing the video, wrote in the caption- ‘What do you miss about your siblings due to the fun happening between Rakhi and Rahul?’

‘Bigg Boss 15’ will come for 2 more weeks

It is so clear from this promo that ‘Bigg Boss 15’ has now got an extension of two weeks. That is, now this show will entertain the audience for two more weeks. This good news was given to the family members by none other than the superstar and host of the show Salman Khan himself. The actor told the family members – ‘There is good news that this show is getting extended for two weeks.’ Hearing this, all the family members were surprised, while Rakhi Sawant cried with joy.

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