Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz evicted after a huge physical brawl with Pratik Sehajpal?

Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz evicted after a huge physical brawl with Pratik Sehajpal?

As the finale of the 15th season of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss is getting closer. The competition among the housemates is getting tougher. In such a situation, Bigg Boss is constantly seen giving tasks. To the family members to make a place in the finale. After the family members repeatedly canceled the task. Bigg Boss made a fake house in the house to teach a lesson to all the contestants. Not only this, 4 new members Munmun Dutta, Vishal Singh, Akanksha Puri, and Surbhi Chandna. Should also get the fake task done in the fake house. However, Bigg Boss actually got all these tasks done. By the contestants present in the house, due to which the show has now got its three more finalists.

In the same sequence, in the episode aired on Tuesday, Fake House member Surbhi Chandna challenges Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashmi Desai for the fourth task. After this both these members were seen doing the task. Under this task, both had to stand on a pole. While the rest of the house members were seen trying to get these two off the pole.

While doing the task, Rashmi and Devoleena also set a new record. In fact, both of them stood on the pole continuously for about 24 hours while performing their best in the task. However, later Devoleena slipped from the pole and fell down, due to which Rashmi became the winner of the task.

Prateek Sahajpal and Umar Riaz Fight

At the same time, Prateek Sahajpal and Umar Riaz, who was helping Devoleena during the task, were once again seen fighting. The argument between the two escalated to such an extent that Umar pushed Prateek and started a scuffle. However, later the family members somehow ended this fight between the two.

After the completion of the task, Bigg Boss also expressed a lot of displeasure over Umar’s action. During this, he said that the use of force has always been prohibited in the Bigg Boss house. So that all the members of the house can feel safe and do not be afraid of anyone. But in this season of the show, this rule of Bigg Boss has been broken time and again.

He said that this season, from Bigg Boss to the host of the show, Umar Riaz has been given advice and warnings the most. But he is seen repeating the same action over and over again. In such a situation, Bigg Boss warned Umar in strong words that he will have to bear the brunt of his action on Weekend Ka Vaar. At the same time, he also said that the public will decide what punishment should be given to him for this act of Omar.

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