Dancer’s Blouse opened accidentally, But she did not stop

Dancer’s Blouse opened accidentally, But she did not stop

Malaika Arora’s television show India’s Next Top Model was a victim of a Contemporary oops Moment in Season 4, despite this the Contestant completed her performance, after which Malaika Arora praised her very much. Let’s know in detail what is the whole case.
Tamanna Sharma of Jaipur came on the stage as First Contestant at Malaika Arora’s Television Show India’s Next Top Model. After that, she started dancing on the Kundi Mat Khatkao Raja, but shortly after starting the performance, Tamanna’s blouse’s hook suddenly broke down.
Even after the blouse’s hook was broken, Tamanna continued to give her performance. She held the Blouse with one hand and completed her performance without any tension. As soon as Tamanna’s finished her performance, the show’s judge Malaika Arora, Asked her to go backstage and fix her dress.
When Tamanna came back to the backstage after fixing her clothes and came back to the stage. Malaika Arora praised Tamanna for her talent, she said that you managed to manage herself with great beauty.
Tamanna said that this misfortune was like a nightmare for me. Once I thought that my Confidence would be loose, but then I thought that the show is going on, so I have to complete my performance.
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