Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya Welcome Their Baby Girl on Rahul’s Birthday

Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya, the popular actress and singer duo, have embraced parenthood as they welcomed their adorable daughter on September 20th. The couple will be bringing their little one home from the hospital today, which coincidentally happens to be Rahul’s birthday. Sharing their thoughts on this joyous coincidence, Rahul expressed, “We never planned the pregnancy, and we didn’t expect our child to be born during the Ganeshotsav festival or that we would bring her home on September 23rd. This is an extraordinary birthday gift.”

Disha couldn’t contain her excitement about becoming a mother and shared, “The experience of giving birth is truly incredible. I am overjoyed and eagerly anticipating this new chapter in our lives. In terms of my health, I am recovering steadily, and I’m thrilled that I can now hold my child in my arms. The way she gazes into my eyes… it simply melts my heart.”

Both Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya are not only thrilled about their baby girl but also about enjoying their favorite foods during this special time. Disha mentioned, “During this period, I have savored a variety of healthy foods, and I plan to continue doing so. However, I also have cravings for some Chinese, Italian, and even a bit of indulgent food that I had been avoiding.”

Rahul Vaidya, expressing his elation at becoming a father, said, “We can’t take our eyes off our daughter. I feel like I’m on cloud nine. This is an incredible feeling. I had always hoped for my first child to be a daughter. Words can’t adequately describe my feelings.” He continued, “In this auspicious moment, our child has entered this world. It’s as if Goddess Lakshmi herself has graced our home. The experience of becoming a father is simply amazing.”

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