Famous actress Raveena Tandon when the news of Raveena Tandon and her brother’s affair

Famous actress Raveena Tandon when the news of Raveena Tandon and her brother's affair

The news of the affair and dating of Bollywood stars remains in the headlines every day. Many times this news is official on rumors, due to which film stars have to face many times. Something similar happened to Bollywood’s famous actress Raveena Tandon when the news of Raveena Tandon and her brother’s affair started appearing in many gossip magazines.

At that time Raveena Tandon was deeply hurt by such news. Not only this, due to such reports, the actress could not sleep for many nights. Raveena Tandon has disclosed this in one of her interviews. He recently gave an interview to the English website Film Companion. In this interview, apart from films, he also talked about his personal life. Raveena Tandon expressed displeasure over the gossip news about film stars.

Raveena Tandon and her brother’s affair

The veteran actress has told that once she was linked up with her brother. Such news did not let Raveena Tandon sleep for many nights. He said, ‘I remember well, many nights were spent without sleep. I used to cry myself to sleep, I used to be scared every month, I used to cry. The gossip magazine was completely ripping me apart, chopping my credibility, my reputation, my parents into pieces and I used to wonder ‘What is this all about? He started adding my linkup to my own brother’

Referring to the name of a magazine, Raveena Tandon further said, ‘The magazine had written that ‘a fair handsome boy comes to drop Raveena Tandon. We have traced Raveena Tandon’s boyfriend. We were living in all these things. Who will explain this and by how much? Because you were at the mercy of those journalists and editors. Even if you said ‘hello’, he would have said, ‘Yes, okay, take it with a pinch of salt’.

Apart from this, Raveena Tandon talked a lot about herself. Let us tell you that in the past, Raveena Tandon was in a discussion about her first web series Aranyak. The actress has made her OTT debut with this web series. Raveena has appeared in the role of a police officer in the mystery-thriller series Aranyak. The story of the Vinay Vaikul-directed series is set in the hilly terrain of Sirona, where Raveena’s character Kasturi Dogra is the SHO. The series also stars Ashutosh Rana, Zakir Hussain, Meghna Malik in important roles.

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