FIR against “The Kapil Sharma Show” because of the recent unethical scene in episode.

FIR registered against the actor Kapil Sharma and Director of Sony TV MP Singh. Advocate Suresh Dhakad has filed a case against them for showing the alcoholic scene and creating wrong chores in the courtroom scene in one of the episodes of the show .

Advocate Suresh Dhakad has filed a case against the show. Because according to him one scene in one of the episodes of the Kapil Sharma Show was disrespecting the courtroom and some women. And also in one of the episodes, there is a scene in which an actor performs the courtroom scene by drinking alcohol. But this episode has been telecasted two times on the Channel. Because of all these reasons advocate filed a case against the show.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma

Advocate Suresh Dhakad said,” The Kapil Sharma Show aired on Sony TV is very sloppy. And, they also make lewd comments”. On set stage of court, the actors were seen to be drinking alcohol. In front of the public sitting on a set added through lawyer. And after this lawyer added more as,” This is contempt of court. And that why I have demanded registration of FIR against the culprits under Section 356/3 in the court. Such display of sloppiness should be stopped”.

The lawyer added more as,” In the courtroom scene, the co-star comes onstage with a bottle of liquor and urges other people to taste it. This scene outrages the dignity of the court. It should have also featured a statutory warning, which it did not” to the reporter.

The lawyer is from Shivpuri city in Madhya Pradesh . And ,this case has a hearing on 1st October 2021 in the courtroom. Archana Puran Singh, Sumona Chakravarti, Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh, Chandan Prabhakar,  Kiku Sharda, and Rochelle Rao are the main comedian performers of the show. With all of these actors, Kapil Sharma is the lead comedian actor.

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