Girl And Her Girlfriend Share Same Photo With Hilariously Different Captions


Lillie found the discrepancy between their captions so funny that she decided to post a side by side photo on Twitter and it went viral. Maggie responded to the tweet, writing, “I’m obviously the soft one.”


The hilarity doesn’t end here. Normally when people go viral, they’ll take the opportunity to promote their projects like a blog they write in, for instance. Lillie, however, chose to spend her fame by shining a spotlight on her adorable dog.


One person, however, seemed a little shocked. This is also a fair reaction to the post. Twitter user Espresso no depresso (@Calvizzles) wrote, “I audibly gasped”.

Another Twitter user, rachel/ratchet (@RachelFara) tweeted, “IM LAUGHING SO HARD”. I think Twitter unanimously agrees that the discrepancy between the photos is hilarious.

Twitter user Lexy (@anthrsadlvesong) wrote, “I CHOKED ON MY WATER”. We don’t blame you Lexy. If you aren’t really expecting to see it, it’s definitely a health hazard.


In any given relationship, usually, one party is a little more lovey-dovey. Not to say there’s a problem with that: everyone expresses affection differently.
Let me set the scene for this particular story: Lillie and Maggie took a cute picture of them sharing a kiss. However, each person had a different take for their caption.
While Lillie wrote a sweet little caption that says, “all the pretty girls in the world but I’m in this space with you”, Maggie had an entirely different idea.
Maggie’s caption was a little less conventionally romantic. She wrote, “rock, paper…” You can guess the last word. There’s really no explanation necessary for that one.

Anyhow, the side by side photo of the couple got a lot of attention. People everywhere loved the idea and thought it was hilarious. This is a viral story we can get behind.

But on the whole, everyone seems to be in agreement about the photo of the couple. The fact that they share a similar sense of humor is awesome. Twitter user Isaac wrote, “You got a keeper right there”.

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