Haseena was walking in the forest wearing a bra, then leaked her own private video

Sanjeeda Shaikh Video: Sanjeeda Shaikh is one of the bold beauties of the TV world. She is such an actress who is not only known for her bold acts but also because of her beauty. Sanjeeda has once again left fans heartbroken with her killer beauty.

Sanjeeda’s video
Sanjeeda Sheikh remains very active on social media and in this video she is seen showing her bold style. She has posted a video in black and white, in which she is seen wearing a bra and pants. Posting this video, Hasina has written that privacy is power, which means it seems that this is her private video, which she has shared on social media.

Sanjeeda in bold outfit
Sanjeeda Sheikh had earlier also shared a photo of herself in the same outfit but it was not black and white. In this photo, her outfit was of green color and now she has posted a video in this outfit, in which she is seen posing in different poses and looking at the video, it seems that she has got this shot done in a forest.

photo with daughter
Even before this Sanjida has come in the discussion. Recently, she shared pictures from the pool with her daughter and got trolled. In these pictures, the mother can be seen teaching Ayra to swim. He shared the picture with blue and green heart emojis in his caption.

serious relationship
Apart from this, Sanjeeda Sheikh was also in discussion about her relationship. Harshvardhan Rane and Sanjeeda Sheikh are currently making headlines for their relationship. Although both have not officially confirmed, but some such pictures of both of them were revealed, due to which discussion started about their relationship. Although the actor has said that he does not talk much about his personal life. So he refrained from commenting on his relationship status amid the news of the affair. But recently he talked about the rumors flying about his relationship with Sanjeeda.

Harshvardhan’s statement
“It doesn’t bother me because writing is the job of journalists and they have deadlines and daily quotas or targets of stories to present. I see them as human beings trying to do a job,” he said. is, just like my job is to be in films.”


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