How Saira Ali Became Reena Roy: A Fascinating Tale of Name Transformation

Reena Roy: From Sayra Ali to Reena Roy

Reena Roy is a well-known name in the Bollywood industry, but not many know that she changed her name not once, but twice. Her original name was Sayra Ali. Reena Roy was born to a father named Sadiq Ali, who was also an actor, and a mother named Sharada Roy, who was an actress as well. Reena had three siblings, and she was the youngest among them. According to reports, when Reena’s parents divorced, she, along with her siblings, distanced themselves from their father and severed all ties.

A New Name Chosen by Her Mother

Reena Roy’s childhood name was Sayra Ali, a name her mother liked. However, when her mother separated from her husband, she decided to change her children’s names. She renamed her daughter Sayra as Rupa Roy. It was under this name that Reena began her career in modeling before stepping into the world of films.

Becoming Reena Roy

Reena Roy got her first break in films from director B.R. Ishara. She appeared in a film opposite Danny Denzongpa. However, director B.R. Ishara decided to change her name, and from Rupa Roy, she became Reena Roy. This marked the beginning of her journey in the film industry, and she soon became a well-known actress under her new name.

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