Jacqueline Fernandez has been seen topless 5 times, which look do you think was the hottest?

Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the hottest actresses of B-Town. His fitness routine and lifestyle are also quite popular. The actress often shares hot pictures with her fans on Instagram. But Jacqueline’s topless avatar remains in the headlines the most, yes! Jacqueline has created panic many times with topless photoshoots. Check out these 5 topless looks of her…

Topless photoshoot was done many times

Jacqueline Fernandez can also be considered the topless queen of Bollywood, as she has shared her topless look on social media many times. Sometime back she raised the internet temperature when she did super hot pictures wrapped in a red velvet sheet. Jacqueline once again surprised the fans with her toned back. She was looking very beautiful in this picture. Wearing only one pair of jeans, she was seen lying on the sofa. The actress also posed topless for famous photographer Dabboo Ratnani. In which she was seen hiding her body with a sheet on the bed. Last year, Jacqueline was seen in a topless picture with a very sad face. The expression on his face made people crazy. After the photoshoot done by Jacqueline using a bouquet of flowers instead of her top, this type of shoot became a trend.

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