Kangana Ranaut spoke against of SS Rajamouli’s points in one of her interviews.

Kangana Ranaut reacts on points against SS Rajamouli’s points on religion during one of his recent interviews.

SS Rajamouli is one of the well-known directors in Indian cinema. He has recently given an interview during which he put his points on one of the hot topics which are creating chaos in the industry. On his points, Kangana Ranaut has reacted on Twitter. Because he said, “religion is essentially a kind of exploitation”.  

Kangana Ranaut said, “No need to overreact, it’s ok not to carry Bhagwa Jhandi everywhere, our actions speak louder than words. Being a proud Hindu calls upon all kinds of attacks, hostility, trolling, and a huge amount of negativity, we make movies for everyone”.

Kangana Ranaut

She added more her points, “We artists are vulnerable especially because we get no support from the so-called right-wing as well, we are absolutely on our own, so sit down, don’t even dare, I won’t tolerate anything against Rajamouli sir who is like a flame in the rain, A genius and nationalist a yogi of the highest order. We are blessed to have him”.

SS Rajamouli has said, “We have a giant family, and everyone – my father and mother, cousins and aunts, and everyone else – is deeply religious. I remember, as a young kid, I had doubts after reading stories about the Hindu gods. I used to think, this doesn’t seem real.”

He added more, “Then I got caught up in my family’s religious fervor. I started reading religious texts, going on pilgrimages, wearing saffron cloth, and living like a sannyasi (ascetic) for a few years. Then I caught onto Christianity, thanks to some friends. I’d read the Bible, go to church, and do all kinds of stuff. Gradually, all these things somehow made me feel that religion is essentially a kind of exploitation”.

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