Kareena Kapoor Glows in Saif’s Shirts for Stunning photoshoot

Kareena Kapoor Radiates Elegance in Saif Ali Khan’s Shirts: A Photoshoot Captured by Him

The stunning Kareena Kapoor effortlessly dons Saif Ali Khan’s shirts in a captivating photoshoot, personally shot by the talented actor himself. Whether draped in a saree, adorned in a lehenga, or embracing maternity wear, Kareena always exudes grace. Now, with the joyous news of her second pregnancy, these images hold even more significance. With love, she shared the photos, expressing gratitude for Saif’s shirts and his photography skills. Adorned with two layers of gold chains and subtle smokey eye makeup, Kareena’s radiant beauty shines, creating picture-perfect moments before the baby bump takes center stage.

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