Karthik Aryan’s upcoming film ‘Shahzada’ is in financial crisis

Kartik Aaryan is an emerging actor in Bollywood. Last year, Karthik is the only star who earned a lot at the box office. Be it ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ or ‘Freddy’. Both these films breathed new life into Karthik’s career last year. But at the beginning of the new year, Karthik Aryan has taken such a decision related to his upcoming film, knowing that you will definitely be shocked. This is because this decision is too big for Karthik at this stage of his career. That is, a wrong decision can overshadow Karthik Aryan’s career.

Not charging fees

According to the report of Bollywood Hungama, Karthik Aryan’s upcoming film ‘Shahzada’ is in financial crisis. In such a situation, there was a possibility of closing the box in the middle of the film. To save the boat in his film, Karthik took a big decision. According to the report, Karthik is not taking his fees for this film.

If producer sources for ‘Shehzada’ are to be

believed, Karthik Aryan decided not to charge the fee to save the film from going on hold. But the surprising thing is that he has now become the producer of this film. This has not happened under any planning, but due to the financial crisis, the producers asked Karthik to do so. This is because the financial crisis can affect the production of the film. According to the news, Karthik has accepted this suggestion of the producers and he has now become the producer of the film ‘Shehzada’. But the question is, Karthik saved the film from being closed, but this bet may not be a huge threat to his career.




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