Mahira Sharma was framed for being fat.

Mahira Sharma got fat-shamed for gaining Shehnaaz gill’s fans on Social media. One of the fans said,” Apni figure ka bada guroor tha”.

One of the well-known Punjabi actresses and Big Boss contestants is Mahira Sharma. During one of the interviews, she has been asked for getting fat during these days. On this, she felt bad and decided not to answer r the question and she left the interview. This video of her has gone viral on Social media. Fans of Shehnaaz gill fans have trolled her on social media for getting fat ad also getting the shame for this. Shehnaaz gill fans called as she is paying for her Karma.

Mahira Sharma

One of the friends has said,” ???, Karma #mahirasharma. The girl who body-shamed my sana for weight gain is now slammed by every reporter for the same ???. Also, she made fun of sana’s acceptance to look at hers  Qotionnnnn????   #ShehnaazGill #Shehnaazians #Karma #SidharthShukla #Sidnaaz #Sidnaazians — Sana (@Sana70201036) April 23, 2022”.

Later one more fan wrote, “Mam control…Abhi toh hum tumhare level par aa k kuch bole bhi nahi hai.. aap to phle hi garama gyi.. Mahira Sharma shayad bhul gyi BB me who kya bolti thi Sana Ko.. jab Suna ki himat Nahi hai to dusro k bare me bolne se phle soch samjh k bolti… Aaj khud par aayi to fat gyi “.

One more fan wrote, “Translation:- Interviewer said people don’t let other life by keep on saying either you are too fat or thin, and the same thing is going on with her, and her name is Mahira Sharma. And her response was I don’t like this question and left (translating for non-Punjabi’s)”.There was a time when Mahira Sharma had a proud in her figure. On that basis, she use to fight and scold other contestants.

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