Malaika Arora opens up about her relationship with her ex-husband.

Malaika Arora has said about her relationship with her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan. With that, she has also said about her recent relationship with him.
Malaika Arora is recently dating actor Arjun Kapoor. She has divorced with husband Arbaaz Khan. Both of them have one 19-year-old son named Arhaan Khan. She has recently opened up about her relationship with her ex-husband in current days. She has also said that they behave very well-matured now as compared to their past.
While giving an interview to Masala Magazine, she said, “We have a better equation now. We are far more mature. We’re just happier, calmer people. He’s a wonderful man, I only wish him the best in life. Sometimes, people are wonderful but they just aren’t great together. That’s just how it is. I would always wish him well.”

Malaika Arora with her family

She added “I think I made my choice and I put myself first. And I think by doing that, I am a much better person today. I have a better relationship with my son; he sees that I am much happier. I have a much better relationship with my ex-husband. I’m happy I made these decisions and I stood up for myself. So, for women out there, don’t be scared. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Yes, you will ruffle feathers but life is not easy. You can’t make everyone happy.”
According to one of the reports in Pinkvilla. The statement is as follows, “The show will also feature Amrita and Malaika’s inner circle of folks and friends. The show will revolve around the lives of the Malaika and Amrita Arora’s families, giving fans a glimpse of their lifestyle, day-to-day activities, and most importantly, their past life experiences.”

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