Manish Raisinghan will get marry with Sangeita Chauhan.

A famous TV serial Sasural Simar ka’s actor Manish Raisinghan and co-actor of Ek Shringaar-Swabhiman, Sangeita Chauhan will marry on 30th June 2020. Before a few months weddings in India seemed to be incomplete without the large gathering of relatives and friends.

People use to organize so many occasions for gathering before the main nuptial event. But after lockdown due to COVID-19, so many activities has been changed about the large gathering. Government has made the rule that not more than five people could gather for any occasions. So Manish Raisinghan and Sangeita Chauhan have decided to complete their nuptial activity on 30th June 2020 in Gurudwara of Andheri, Mumbai. In this pandemic situation, Manish Raisinghan and Sangeita Chauhan have considered about the safety of their parents as they are the old aged person they will attend the wedding from zoom application.

After completing their nuptial activity they will back to home and take blessings of their parents. On the same day Avika Gor, Best friend of Manish Raisighan having her birthday and she has shared her post on Twitter regarding this as” Badhai ho!!! Shadi ki goodness tho sabko mil hi chilli hai!!!”

Avika Gaur’s tweeted,

Couples are feeling to be very exciting for their marriage and they have set all the work for their
nuptial activity in Gurudwara on 30th June.
Manish Raisinghan has said that they have decided to marry in a flash. One morning on breakfast table his dad cracked joke regarding his marriage and after that, he decided to marry Sangeita Chauhan. He rushed to convince her before she was in shock but after that, she has also accepted. On that day in the evening, they arrange families to meet with each other, after that their marriage date has been decided.

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