More than flowers, stones, thorns, mirrors… now Urfi Javed has engulfed the whole universe in himself! hold your heart before you watch

You know about the style of Urfi Javed. Whatever she does, she does a little… Sometimes flowers, sometimes mirrors, sometimes stones and sometimes with blades, Urfi, who made a dress for herself this time, did not even leave nature and wrapped the moon and stars on herself. Inspired by the Galaxy, Urfi made such a dress in which she was seen embracing herself completely. Anyone who saw this look of Urfi was astonished. Now someone seems to be praising him, then someone is seen reprimanding him on this fashion of his.

Urfi made a unique dress

, Urfi Javed was once again spotted in Mumbai today and like every time, she grabbed limelight from her fashion this time too. This time, this beauty appeared in such an avatar that the viewers could not believe it. Inspired by the picture of the viral Galaxy on social media, Urfi made this dress.

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