Passenger Finds Cello Tape on Cracked Window in Plane

On Tuesday, a passenger traveling from Mumbai to Delhi on a SpiceJet flight freaked out when he saw that cello tape had been used to hold a cracked window together on the plane. The passenger, Hariharan Sankaran, clicked a photo of the window and shared it on Twitter as well.

“Spicejet flight SG8152 (VT-SYG) Mumbai to Delhi flying (5 Nov 2019) with a broken window stuck with cello tape. Isn’t it a major safety concern? Anyone listening?” he wrote.

This, without a doubt, is a major safety concern and one would expect that SpiceJet would be taking of such basic things, especially when the lives of passengers are at stake.

SpiceJet replied to the tweet saying that the inconvenience was regretted. As one Twitter user pointed out, if cello tape has been used, then someone must’ve been aware of the cracked window the whole time.

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