Rajiv Adatia:”. There should be stricter rules for any kind of violence”.

Rajiv Adatia has got the first wild card contestant for the current season. Shamita Shetty is Rajiv’s Sister. He added that she will be very happy to see him.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, Rajiv Adatia has added some of the points. He said .”I have known them for 10-12 years. I met Shilpa, Shamita, and aunty (their mother Sunanda Shetty). We are spiritually connected. Not sure if you have noticed but Shamita is a very spiritual person. My connection with them began on a spiritual level. We are all god-fearing and we nurtured a bond that has since blossomed. I love them dearly”.

Rajiv Adatia

Rajiv Adatia entry in Big Boss with Wild Card

He continued as,” Not just that. He is also bitching on Jay Bhanushali. Stupid creature. Vishal is two-faced and I do not like people like that. If you have the ba***, tell Shamita ‘this is what I did. Why can’t you own up to your actions? Why do you have to be in the good books of everyone?”.

On his contract, he has added some points that he has shared during his interview. He said,” I agree with this. In a show like Bigg Boss, I do not respect the violence that is going on. If anyone touches me, forget slam-dunking, if anyone even touches me, I will not have it. I have come with a contract that says that no one can touch me! What did I sign the contract for then? I have certain respect in life, I did not come on the show to be insulted or thrown around or anything”.

On the recent fight in Big Boss between Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundra. He said,” I will take a stand and not take it lying down. Pratik Sehajpal forgot it within an hour. I have no clue why people are taking it. There should be stricter rules for any kind of violence. I have told the Bigg Boss team as well”.

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