Ranveer Singh got emotional at an award ceremony.

Ranveer Singh got emotional about becoming an actor during an award ceremony by winning the awards of one of the finest actors in Bollywood.
By getting emotional a well-known actor Ranveer Singh has said about his dream come true. He has also shared his award with his wife. Ranveer Singh said, “a dream. Everything that happens in my life is beyond my wildest imagination. Most of the time, I can’t even believe that I am here, doing this, standing in front of you all. I am in disbelief every day that I became an actor. It’s a miracle.”

He continued, “Whatever I am today is all because of my parent, because of my sister. They are my Gods. Whatever I do is for them and whatever I am today is because of them. Goddess Laxmi resides at my home). Here’s the secret to my success. Ranveer Singh powered by Deepika Padukone.”

Ranveer Singh

In the last of his speech, he thanked his audience by saying, “sabse bada dhanyawad to main aapka Karna chahunga (I want to thank) the audience, for being a part of my journey and allowing me to live out my dream.”. For more visit:-


On his post on social media so, many of his fans have reacted over it with so many appreciations, loving words and some emojis. One of his fans wrote, “Aww it’s heart touching.”. Later one of his more fans wrote, “Ranveer Singh powered by Deepika Padukone’ iconic indeed.”. One more fan wrote one thing full of his heart. He wrote, “I’m crying, out of happiness no doubt. Baba, you deserve everything and @deepikapadukone you both are blessed to have each other. Acknowledging each other’s efforts and sacrifices and valuing them is the biggest gesture of sheer love”. His fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming movie name “Rocky aur Rani ki prem Kahani”.

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