Rashmika Mandanna Video: When the paparazzi surrounded, Srivalli did this work while blushing, there was a lot of noise

Rashmika Mandanna has been released in Bollywood till now. She has become a big star without doing any Hindi film. Soon she is going to make her Bollywood debut. So these days she remains in a lot of discussion among the paparazzi. Wherever she goes, the cameras of the media follow her. She was also spotted on Monday when a special request was made to this beauty.

Srivalli fulfills the paparazzi’s request

When Pushpa fame Rashmika Mandanna was spotted in Mumbai on Monday, she was surrounded by paparazzi cameras and during this, all the photographers started making special requests to Rashmika. She was demanded to do the iconic step of her Pushpa release last year. Rashmika was very shy but still, she did not disappoint the paparazzi and made everyone happy by copying Allu Arjun’s style with great style.


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