Salman Khan questioned Rakhi Sawant regarding her Husband.

Salman Khan’s questions were the same as those of the audience. He asked Rakhi Sawant in front of an audience, which are the question of the audience also.

Big Boss host Salman asked her, “Is he really your husband, or have you hired him?”. On this Rakhi Sawant replied, “No, no, he is my ‘pati parmeshwar’, my only husband.”

Rakhi Sawant and Her Husband

Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh

Ritesh said about Rakhi Sawant said,” Rakhi never lies. Whatever she has said, it’s 100 percent true. It was my fault that I couldn’t accept her before, as I was too cautious with my profession and asked her to hold off. It was Rakhi’s maturity to adhere to this, and I asked her to not make my photos viral, and she had to face a lot of insults because of this,”.As this has been given by reporters.

One of the viewers wrote,” It’s all fake not 1 percent real. Ritesh is made up the husband of #RakhiSawant.” Another viewer said, “I am sorry for pre-judgment lekin I don’t think ke yeh Rakhi Sawant ka real husband hai.. matlab it kinda looks fake (but I don’t think he is Rakhi’s real husband, it looks fake).”

On this one of the viewers wrote as,” “#RakhiSawant sach mein Ritesh tumhara pati hai? Lag raha hai badhe pe leke aayi ho. Itne din tumhare YouTube pe dekha tum gym jaati ho ya kisike party ya mom ko dekhne hospital kahi pe bhi nahi tha pati. Camera pe nahi sahi kisine nahi dekha? (Rakhi, is Ritesh really your husband? It seems you have brought him on rent. I have been seeing you on your YouTube channel – you go the gym, or attend a party, or visit your mom at a hospital, but your husband was nowhere. If not on camera, at least someone must have seen him)?”

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