Seeing Deepika Padukone, some people became uncontrollable, such an act of public; The actress had to run away!

Deepika Padukone is one such actress, whose fans are desperate to get a glimpse. But once in this crowd, such an act happened with Deepika that the actress had to go from there immediately.

Wherever Deepika Padukone goes, crowds of fans gather. The stardom of the actress is such that people keep running in her name. This also happened on the day when she was leaving the restaurant. Seeing the crowd, Deepika did not panic, but in this crowd, she survived an accident, whose video became very viral on social media.

Deepika fan following

Deepika Padukone gets spots somewhere every day. Recently her film ’83’ was released, in which she played the role of Kapil Dev’s wife. Due to the beauty of Deepika and her role, the number of her fans always keeps increasing. This is the reason why there is always a crowd to see the actress. But once such an act happened to him in the crowd that whoever saw it was stunning.

Fans surrounded Deepika

In February this year, after finishing the shooting of her film, Deepika went to eat at a restaurant in Mumbai. Deepika, who came to take away the fatigue of her day, got into trouble when she came out of the restaurant and faced her fans. In this, the paparazzi present there also got involved in their work and started taking photos and videos of the actress.

pulled Deepika’s bag

An incident happened with actress Deepika Padukone, which the actress herself did not even imagine. In fact, when the actress came out of the restaurant, along with the paparazzi, many of her fans surrounded her. Although Deepika’s bodyguards were present there who were covering the actress. Meanwhile, a person present in the crowd tried to stop Deepika by pulling her bag. Deepika was shocked by this sudden incident that happened to her and she did not understand how she should react to it.

The actress recovered on the occasion

When Deepika Padukone’s bag was hanging on her shoulder, she did not know when it came to her elbow. After which a fan pulled the bag with the aim of stopping Deepika from coming out of the stairs. Although Deepika looked very calm throughout this occasion, she also ignored this misbehavior with her, and with a slight smile, she left in the car from there.

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