Seeing the new avatar of Urfi Javed, the mind will be confused, users said – look behind!

Urfi Javed is that sensation of social media whose every single post is no less than a blast. As soon as one of his posts comes, there is chaos all around. His trollers who were just waiting for this moment, that moment has come. Urfi Javed has taken the form of a strange waitress. Such a form which is different from the front and something else behind the back, if you don’t understand then see again.

The mind will be dizzy after seeing the bow around the neck

Urfi Javed is wearing a very cute white shirt covering the front part of her body. A bow hangs around the neck instead of a tie. Apart from this, there is a black skirt below. This look just looks like a waitress of a good restaurant. Now it is almost impossible for Urfi to do anything in a straight way. There is a twist in this too.

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