Shehnaaz Gill loves to watch SRK in negative roles.

Shehnaaz gill admitted that she is watching all of shah rukh khan’s movies in recent times and she loves to watch him in negative roles.

On Sunday Shehnaaz gill uploaded one video of her in which she is playing the rapid-fire round with the comments that she receives from all over her social media platform. Where she revealed a lot about herself and also the audience, as well as fans, like the honesty of Shehnaaz gill.
She answered one of the questions asked by her fan that what she had been doing in recent times which she replied, “Mai aajkal Shah Rukh Khan ke saare picture dekh rahi hoon purani. I love Darr, Baazigar. (I am watching old Shah Rukh Khan’s movies nowadays).” continuing the segment, she also revealed that she is enjoying the old movies especially in which he has majorly played a negative role. In the further part she also one of the answers that any song that stuck her mind so she started singing “Tu hai meri Kiran.”

Shehnaaz Gill

After this we saw a flood of comments on her video one user wrote, “Absolutely. Ignoring a negative thought only makes it come out in other ways and much more intense. Bringing it to consciousness actually can release it.” while others users commented in his / her form like, “It takes awareness to know when you’re wrong, It takes courage to admit it.” while the third one has put his / her emotion out and wrote a whole passage for her in their word, “The things you say to yourself, or how you think about yourself has a huge impact on your confidence. Even if you don’t believe it, fake it until you make it. Your subconscious will start to believe you and go to work on your behalf.”

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