Sunny Deol takes care of his house helps during lockdown

“After we go through this process, we’ll value our lives and the world more and think twice before doing something that’s not good for the planet,” says Sunny Deol on the 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19. He adds the stay-at-home phase is taking him back to his youth when life was simpler. “It’s like going back in time. This is the time to pray for the well-being of all those infected. And after the lockdown is over, I’m sure that we’ll be more wary about our lifestyle. We’ll also be more caring towards Mother Nature,” he says.

And while the 63-year-old actor-director agrees that staying at home for long may be tough, he stresses that it’s “the best solution” to the pandemic. “When we have holidays, we usually go out somewhere, but this is the time when everybody is going to connect with each other. The 21-day lockdown may look very harsh, however, if we value our life and that of our loved ones, then it’s the best thing to do right now,” says Deol.

Despite what he feels is a silver lining, he agrees that the lockdown will have its repercussions. With shoots cancelled and release dates of films postponed, he asserts the industry is used to ups and downs and will find a way to view this through a positive lens. Deol elaborates, “The day we resume work, we need to start from scratch. Showbiz is like a gamble and we know how to take care of ourselves and move ahead.”

While work is a challenge, he points out that a much bigger challenge is to protect ourselves from the fake news floating around. “People who are getting carried away by fake information also know the evil side of social media. The government is providing facts and figures, that’s what they should follow without letting anyone manipulate the information,” Deol shares.

And while such situations do require people to step up and help, for Deol, there’s no specific time to be a good samaritan. He feels this period, of a serious crisis, requires all of us to come forward. “We should contribute in ensuring that basic commodities are being supplied to those in need. That’s something the government is trying to do,” he says, adding, “I’ve always looked after our house helps and we’re one family. Many of them are staying with us and they know that no matter what happens, we’re always with them”.

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