The button of the actress’s blouse suddenly opened and she was embarrassed See Video

Sonam Kapoor once found it so heavy to wear a sari that her videos are going viral even today. The button of the actress’s blouse suddenly opened and she was embarrassed.

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is called the fashion queen, but becoming more fashionable is sometimes the hour of danger and the same happened with Sonam when she went a bit too big with a sari. She wore a cut blouse and had to handle her outfit again and again.

incident with sonam kapoor

Bollywood is a glamorous world. Here actresses have to look good not only in acting but everywhere. And to look good, you have to wear good clothes. But sometimes actresses wear such clothes in order to look glamorous and attractive, due to which they also have to be embarrassed. And in this era when social media has become so dominant, there is no such moment that does not come in the eyes of social media. And when any such videos come on social media, they start becoming viral on sight. One such glamorous actress of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor has also been a victim of embarrassment many times due to her clothes. Many times, something happened to him which could not be compensated till date.

Large cut blouse worn with saree

Actually, these days a video of actress Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Bollywood’s ever-evolving actor Anil Kapoor, is becoming increasingly viral on social media. As everyone knows, Sonam Kapoor keeps experimenting with her clothes every day, but this time her style has become a problem for her. Actually, the actress wore a black and white printed saree for an event, which she was wearing with a shirt. The actress seemed upset about her outfit for the entire event. But when she stood up to give the speech, she was about to fall in the sari during that time. The people present there to take care of them.

Sonam was seen handling herself

But during this, the biggest incident happened that the button of Sonam Kapoor’s shirt also opened and she became a victim of embarrassment badly in front of everyone. Despite this, the actress handles this moment in some way and starts moving forward. In this viral video, she is also seen standing on the podium and closing the buttons of her shirt. By the way, this whole incident was caught on camera and even after not wanting, the actress became a victim of Oops Moment. Throughout the video, the actress seems upset with the clothes, repeatedly the actress is seen fixing her shirt.

Here is VIDEO!

away from movies

Significantly, Sonam Kapoor still showed a lot of confidence and she handled this situation very well. Even after this incident, there was no wrinkle on her face and she was seen handling herself very well. At the same time, She did not lose the smile on her face. Not only this, without fear of the camera, the actress corrected her dress in front of everyone. Talking about Sonam Kapoor’s work front, her film ‘The Zoya Factor” was released in 2019.

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