This time Sophia Ansari has crossed the limits… wearing skirts with the names of Om and God, started doing such antics

Instagram sensation Sofia Ansari serves more than one bold content for her fans every day. Now once again Sofia Ansari has dropped her very bold video on Instagram which is making people crazy.

sofia’s look

However, in this video of Sofia, there is some controversy due to her clothes. Actually, in this video surfaced, you can see that during this time Sofia has carried a mini skirt with a black bra and an open shirt and the name of Om and God is printed on this mini skirt.

Controversy over video

There is a ruckus on social media regarding this. Actually, people are not liking this style of Sophia wearing a skirt in the name of God and they are asking her to delete this video and not to do it again.

Sophia Ansari is dancing

In the video, Sofia Ansari is seen jumping and dancing in her own bold style and flaunting her sexy figure. This video of Sophia is going viral like a fire on the internet.

Sophia Ansari is getting trolled

If we talk about Sofia Ansari’s desi looks, then in that case too she is on top. After his pictures surfaced, people are making various comments and some people are even trolling him.

sofia is not worried about trolling

However, there are many people who are constantly trolling him and it is being said that he does not mind trolling. It is famous about Sophia Ansari that she does not give any kind of answer and never gives attention to the trollers. Whatever they want to do, they do it openly.

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