Urfi Javed Opened up about Casting Couch

We have heard of the casting couch in the mainstream big screen industry some experiences shared by Urfi Javed in a recent interview.
In the recent interview with SpotBoy Urfi Javed has given a glimpse of the dark side of the big screen. Urfi Javed shared that there is nothing like a casting couch in the television industry. It’s a very clean Industry, but yes there is something in the mainstream big screen industry, she also said that she will not blame to whole industry because of some people. She has also hinted there are a few big names also involved in such activities.

Urfi Javed

We have seen various actresses come up with such a point of view over time and this time it’s Urfi Javed she said in her words, ‘To be honest, I have never experienced anything like this in the television industry. This is a very clean industry. But, yes there have been a couple of instances but I will not blame the entire industry because of one person. I feel that this has happened to every girl, someone must have told her that if do this, she will have to sleep with me.
Urfi further said- ‘It is very clear and big names are involved in it. But I am lucky because I have not come under any such trap. I am a sensible girl. A lot also depends on you as a person. You always have the option of saying no.
She also discussed his past life or we can say his early life of her. She said there was a point in her life when she tried to end her life due to scenarios such as she doesn’t have a house to live in. Her father told her that he is not able to pay her loan. So she started to focus more on her career after this.

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