Urfi Javed went beyond limits for photoshoot, wearing monokini gave such poses on the road of Mumbai

TV actress and ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ fame aka Javed is no longer interested in any identity today. Of course, she has not been in much discussion due to her projects, but Urfi has always surprised everyone with her bold and sizzling looks. Seeing her, today she has become a social media sensation. It is said for Urfi whether you like her or not, but it is impossible to ignore Urfi. Every day she is trying to make a different identity of herself.

Urfi Javed has become a social media sensation

Urfi never shies away from experimenting with her dresses. Often people are surprised due to their dressing sense. At the same time, Urfi’s creativity is becoming more irresponsible every day. Sometimes she wears a dress made of safety pins, sometimes she makes a dress from a sack, and sometimes sticks pictures on her body instead of clothes. On the other hand, Urfi is very active on social media to stay connected with her fans.

Urfi Javed again caught people’s attention

She grabs the attention of the fans by sharing her pictures and videos every day. Now such a video of Urfi has surfaced, and after seeing it everyone’s senses are blown away.


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