Urfi Javed’s respect rests on the cords, the magic of her boldness spread on social media

Urfi Javed has decided that she will continue to set social media ablaze with her boldness. Urfi Javed is that sensation of social media that her fashion sense remains in the discussion more than Janiki’s personal life. The discussion starts with what she wears. This offbeat fashion once again took people’s breath away.

Urfi Javed’s tinkling body

Urfi Javed is roaming around as a green chili this time. She is wearing a green-colored sleeveless top and the front is tied with strings. And the skirt is worn by Rakhi Sawant. While Rakhi Sawant wore a skirt with side strings in Pardesiya, Urfi Javed was seen on her body.

Is Urfi Javed or Mirchi

Seeing such a sizzling hot avatar of Urfi Jaa, people’s breath stopped. Even before this, Urfi Javed has worn green many times. Once upon a time she had covered herself with a green net over her bikini. Apart from this, Urfi has worn a special green dress by covering the special parts of her body with green flowers. Whoever sees this hot avatar of Urfi Javed, he will keep whining.

Uff Yeh Urfi’s orgy

Urfi Javed’s orgy is currently going on. Urfi ji immediately shows the way to the taunts on Urfi ji’s dressing sense. A social media influencer known by the name Monu on social media had gained popularity with the mimicry of Urfi Javed. One day he body-shamed Urfi Javed and said good and bad, then did Urfi Javed stop talking to him face to face.

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