When Salman Khan became uncontrollable after seeing Sunny Leone, he made this scandal in front of everyone…

Sunny Leone, who ran her beauty in season 5 of Bigg Boss, had appeared in the weekend of Bigg Boss 14, while the rest of the members of the house also reached to meet Sunny Leone as soon as she reached the house. Went not only to the housemates but also to the face of the host of the Bigg Boss show, Salman Khan, was stunned to see Sunny Leone!

In such a situation, Salman Khan was also seen in a mood to flirt with Sunny Leone, not only this but seeing Sunny Leone, Salman Khan even became ill, which was not treated by Sunny Leone himself. Said that he has become a lover, while the show Cake Makers had recently released this episode on social media in which Sunny Leone is seen asking Salman Khan what is your disease? So even after hearing it say that I have fallen in love with you now, it is called Laveria!

On the other hand, listening to such things of Salman Khan, Sunny Leone puts her hand on her heart and looks at him and says that Salman Khan sees this, and Salman Khan hugs him after seeing this style of Sunny Leone and in this episode. Surbhi Chandna Sharad Malhotra and Monalisa also arrived as guests!

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