Why did Shreyas Talpade apologize over social media?

Shreyas Talpade apologized over social media for putting his legs on “Om” in film during the film Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal in 2012.

In the year 2012, Priyadarshan directed a film name Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal in which during one of the scenes Shreyas Talpade put his foot over the word “OM”, During nowadays this post has got viral over the internet. For that Shreyas Talpade also apologized which was paid for by other social media users.

Shreyas Talpade wrote, “Apologies,  there are too many factors while one is shooting….which includes one’s mindset during a sequence especially action scenes, the director’s requirements, the time constraints and a lot of other things. But this is not me explaining or justifying myself for what you see in the video, all I can say is this was a completely unintentional ad I am very apologetic for the same.”

Shreyas Talpade

Later he continued as “I should’ve seen that and brought it to the director’s notice. Nevertheless, I would never intentionally hurt anyone’s sentiments or repeat something like this.” Social media users reacted to his message, and one of them wrote, “this is one of the reasons people inside and outside the industry love you @shreyastalpade1 bhai. Even though it wasn’t intentional, you still apologized.”

People on social media reacted as follows. One of the social media users wrote, “Accepting and admitting that your past acts have hurt other sentiments takes courage and humility. Hats off, Shreyas.” The second one said, “Love it when there is a humble apology like this.” The third one said, “Appreciate your humbleness & the courage to accept that it was wrong… Only if all other film stars start doing the same….”The fourth one commented, “At least you realized and you accepted your mistake. Make sure these things do happen again.”

Last but not the least, “It’s so sad that people who are absolutely jobless observe these kinds of silly things and make a huge mess out of it. This video is a clear indication that the mistake pointer wanted to grab the limelight. It was a fun comedy scene and the makers may not have even realized it,”.

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