Zeenat Aman opens up about the privacy of Celebrities.

Zeenat Aman opens up about privacy after Alia Bhatt complained about her privacy leakage.

Zeenat Aman is one of the famous well-known actresses of the Bollywood Industry during the 80 ‘s period of time. Recently Alia Bhat opened up about the leak of her photo during her privacy. She has recently written about that on her social media account. She has also shown her insecurities regarding the no privacy of celebrities. As she was in her room and had her normal daily routine but the paparazzi has taken her private photos of her from another balcony.

Zeenat Aman

Recently Zeenat Aman has also opened up about that. She said,”A quick picture in the foyer before heading to a friend’s birthday party the other night. I know you may want to ask me which friend so that I will give you an answer about privacy. I think there’s a fine line between a healthy interest in a public figure or a person you admire, and an entitlement or desire to know every detail of their lives”

The later actress continues with, “The former is wonderful and that on which artists and audiences thrive. The latter is a drag for everyone involved and, in my view, keeps us from approaching new ideas and a higher level of conversation.” . As recently Actress has made her Instagram debut and also started to post on her account. she has penned that post with the privacy of actors in their personal life. She captioned that with, “which celebrity met whom and where”.

While concluding her post, Zeenat Aman wrote a note: “The world is so spectacularly diverse and rich, I promise you there are more interesting things to learn than which celebrity met whom and where. Just a thought”. She has added this flower emoji to that post.

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