After Yulia and Katrina, Salman’s heart fell on this foreign beauty? The actress likes ‘Sultan’

The personal life of Salman Khan remains a topic of discussion every day. Recently, Katrina Kaif got married, after which the fans started worrying so much about the actor that some people associated Dabang Khan’s name with a foreign girl.

The name of Bollywood’s Bhaijaan i.e. Salman Khan gets associated with someone or the other every day. Recently Katrina Kaif has got married and after that, the fans are just waiting for when Salman will get married. Although these days after Yulia and Katrina, the discussion of another foreign girl is in full swing.

Salman’s name was added again

The love life of Salman Khan is often in the news. There were reports of Salman Khan’s link-ups with many actresses, but the actor has always described himself as single. These days Salman Khan’s name is being associated with a Hollywood actress Samantha Lockwood. The news of the two having a relationship remains the talk of the town.

The actress clarified

Samantha Lockwood, in her new interview with Bollywood Hungama, broke the silence on her relationship with Salman and said – I think people talk too much. I also feel that people talk a lot even when there is nothing. I have met Salman, he is a very nice person. That’s all there is to say about this. I don’t understand where people get so many ideas from.

‘Sultan’ is my favorite

Samantha Lockwood further said- ‘I mean I met him, I met Hrithik Roshan. But no one said anything about Hrithik and me. That’s why I don’t know where this news is coming from. Samantha Lockwood also told in her interview that Salman’s film ‘Sultan’ is her favorite Bollywood film.

Arrived at Salman’s birthday party

Samantha Lockwood attended Salman’s birthday party a few days ago at Panvel Farm House. Talking about the party, Samantha Lockwood said that she has to know Salman only from the party, however, she has met Salman 2-3 times before that. That’s why she knew only Salman. He also said that he has to know the rest of the people at Salman’s birthday party. He also praised everyone present at the party. Let us tell you that when Samantha Lokwood came to Mumbai last month, she met Hrithik Roshan, she also shared her photo with Hrithik on her Instagram handle.

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