Ajaz Khan on violence in Bigg Boss 13: ‘I was thrown out for hitting Ali, why are these people not treated the same?’

If the full-blown brawls between Bigg Boss 13 contestants are anything to go by, the makers of the show seem to have become much more relaxed when it comes to their policy on violence. During Wednesday night’s episode, viewers saw Madhurima Tuli viciously attacking Vishal Aditya Singh with a frying pan, breaking it in the process. Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill have displayed physical violence in the past as well.

Former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan, who was asked to leave the house for hitting Ali Quli Mirza, thinks that the show is setting a dangerous precedent by not taking these contestants to task for such behaviour. He told Hindustan Times in an interview, “Dhakka-mukki se chalu hua, uske baad maarne pe aa gaye. Madhurima ne bohot aggressively maara hai. (It started with pushing and shoving and now, the contestants are coming to blows. Madhurima hit Vishal very aggressively.) Now, when the next Bigg Boss will come, what is the limit? I got out because I hit Ali. They threw me out. Why are all these people not treated the same? It’s not fair what is happening.”

Ajaz said that in Interview if Bigg Boss does not take any action, it would show the “bias” of the makers, as the same no-violence rule should apply to everyone. As of now, Vishal and Madhurima have been locked inside a jail inside the house, and their final punishment will be announced by host Salman Khan during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday.

Ajaz is confident that Salman will not condone such violent behaviour. “Bhai will get angry; he is always very fair. He has said that he is leaving the show also. Like, ‘what is happening?’ He has said, ‘Main apne ghar mein aise logon ko nahi rakhunga (I will not keep such people in my own house).’ He is a very fair mentor; agar unko kabhi bhi kuch lage, toh woh bolte hai (if he thinks anything is wrong, he says so),” he said, adding that the Bigg Boss host pulled up Shehnaaz for her antics.

Speculation is rife that Salman will throw Madhurima out of Bigg Boss 13 for her violent outburst. When asked to comment on the same, Ajaz said, “I think he should do that and he will do that but again, it is not in his hands. Salman bhai is only the mentor and host; he cannot decide who is going to go out and who is going to stay. Only the channel and the board of Bigg Boss can decide.”

Recently, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana said in an interview that the show was edited in a way that painted a different picture altogether, from what actually happened inside the house. She claims that the channel (Colors) did not do justice to her and portrayed her as a “villain” by showing her agitated reactions but not the provocation for it.

Ajaz rubbished these claims and said, “I don’t believe that. Jo jaisa hota hai, waisa hi dikhta hai. Yeh kuch edit-vedit nahi hota. Yeh sab log jo apne aap ko achcha dikhana chahte hai, unki galatiyaan dikh gayi toh ab woh yeh dikha rahe hai ki humari achchaiyaan nahi dikhayi aur Bigg Boss sirf humari buraayiaan hi dikha rahe hai. Arre, tum mein achchai hai toh dikhegi! (You will come across exactly as you are. The show is not edited. These people want to portray themselves as nice, so when their mistakes are aired on national television, they cry foul that Bigg Boss only shows their bad side and not their good side. Only if you have a good side, it will show it).”

Citing the example of Sidharth Shukla, Ajaz said that he comes across as a nice person because he is genuinely like that. He said, “Emotional hai, ro deta hai uski maa aati hai toh. Dushman ke liye bhi rota hai woh (He is emotional, he cried when his mother entered the house. He will cry for his enemies also).”

Ajaz is rooting for Sidharth and Asim Riaz to win Bigg Boss 13. “I like both of them since the beginning. When they are together, it’s more entertaining. Yeh jab bahar aayenge, khud hi inko afsos hoga ki why the hell were we fighting (When they come out of the show, they will regret fighting with each other). They are better together. It’s no use, abusing each other,” he said.

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