Alia’s privacy was breached, then these stars including Arjun Kapoor got angry, Anushka said of my daughter…. | alia bhatt slammed on her privacy assaults arjun kapoor and shaheen bhatt reacted

Alia Bhatt has expressed her displeasure over the breach of her privacy while writing a long post on Instagram Story. At the same time, Arjun Kapoor and Alia’s sister Shahin have also been seen raging.

Alia's privacy was violated, then these stars including Arjun Kapoor got angry, Anushka said - My daughter's....

Alia Bhatt-Arjun Kapoor-Anushka Sharma

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just like that Alia Bhatt Mostly seen with cute style and smiley face. Although now she has appeared angry. Instagram While sharing a post on the story, he has expressed anger at a news portal, which shared a picture of him. Aaliya says that she was in the living area in the afternoon, when two men with cameras were standing on the building next to her.

Aaliya expressed displeasure due to interference in privacy. He said that there is a limit which has now been crossed. Now Bollywood actor Arjun and Alia’s sister Shahin Bhatt and Anushka Sharma have also been furious about Alia’s privacy. All of them have posted about this matter on social media.

Arjun Kapoor said these thing’s

Like Alia, Arjun Kapoor also shared a long post on Insta Story. He wrote, “Absolutely shameful. If a woman is not feeling safe in her home then all these limits are being crossed. Forget for a second whether he is a public figure or not.” Arjun also said, “We did not show enough trust to those media to do such work which makes women feel insecure and privacy is invaded.”

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Shahin Bhatt said these things

Alia’s sister Shahin Bhatt said, “So now is it okay to put zoom lenses in neighboring buildings for content? adult people. with camera. Hiding across the street. To take secret photographs of an unknown woman. That too without his consent. in her house. The fact that the person in the picture is a celebrity is not okay in any way. If this was any other situation, with any other person – it would be considered harassment and a complete invasion of privacy. it is what it is.”

This is not the first time – Anushka Sharma

Regarding this, Anushka Sharma said, “He is not doing this for the first time. About two years ago, we had called him out for this reason. You would think that with this you respect people’s space and privacy more. Absolutely shameful. They were also the ones who posted our daughter’s pictures even after repeated requests.

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