Bahubali 2 behind, a flurry of records, ‘Pathan’ became the first Bollywood film to earn 500 crores. Pathaan Box Office DAY 28 Shah Rukh Khan Movie Touches 500 Crore mark creates history on hindi box office


Shah Rukh Khan has once again proved that he is the uncrowned king of Bollywood. His film Pathan has created history at the Hindi box office.

Pathan Box Office Day 28: Shah Rukh Khan Has created history in Hindi cinema in terms of earning. his film Pathan In just 28 days, it did such a feat, which no other Bollywood film could do earlier. In just 28 days, Pathan touched the magical figure of Rs 500 crore in Hindi at the domestic box office. With this, Shah Rukh Khan became the uncrowned king of Bollywood at the box office.

Pathan not only earned Rs 500 crore in Hindi, but also became the fastest film to reach this figure. While Pathan did this feat in 28 days, SS Rajamouli’s blockbuster film Baahubali 2 did it in 34 days after its release in Hindi. That is, in terms of earning fast, Shahrukh left Prabhas behind.

Good earning in fourth week

Pathan is earning a lot even in the fourth week of its release. Karthik Aryan’s Shahzada was released this week, but it had no significant impact on Pathan’s earnings. According to reports, the film did a business of more than Rs 1 crore 10 lakh on the 28th day. Earlier, the film did a business of Rs 2.20 crore on the first day of the fourth week i.e. Friday, Rs 3.25 crore on Saturday, Rs 4.15 crore on Sunday and Rs 1.20 crore on Monday, the 27th day. With this, Pathan’s total earnings crossed the figure of 500 crores.

Number 1 can be made in the sixth week

It is believed that the film will add two crore rupees to its account in the next two days. With this, it will do a business of 502 crores in four weeks. However, even after earning so much, Pathan still has to earn Rs 11 crore more to leave behind Bahubali 2’s all-time collection in Hindi. If the film continues like this, it will lick the dust of Bahubali 2 on the fifth or sixth weekend.

The action packed film Pathan directed by Siddharth Anand saw a fierce fight between Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham. Deepika Padukone also did action scenes in the film. Salman Khan also appeared in a cameo in this. The film has crossed the figure of 1 thousand crores worldwide.


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