Arijit Singh sang a song from his upcoming movie!!

On Saturday 16th July Arijit Singh sang a song which is going to be released on 17th July in the live concert.

People attending the Live Concert in Amsterdam felt lucky as they got a glimpse of the upcoming song. As soon as the song was released Ayan Mukherjee got emotional in front of the media. And said, “Our Music Journey takes off tomorrow… with the Launch of Kesariya!”.
Arijit Singh continued and said that this song is not their first choice for release but eventually. The board decided to release it. And said, “Pritam / Dada – was one of the first collaborators to take on the Brahmāstra journey. And we have spent years – of sleepless nights, making songs, rejecting songs, stressing on timelines, cups of tea, thinking discussing working creating – on Brahmastra! I think – that relationship is the highest level of creative collaboration . I have on this movie, and his work more than anyone’s gives Soul to this Vision.”

Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh further added, “To be honest, I always imagined that we would launch a song. Which was just about SHIVA, as the first song of Brahmastra. But there was so much warmth for the Kesariya Teaser, that we decided we had to put it out first (or, everyone would kill us)! And now, I can’t imagine it being any other way… because Kesariya is about Shiva and ISHA… and their Love, which, is the Core of Brahmastra!”.
At last, he added in his voice, ” Hope you guys enjoy the song when it drops tomorrow. Enjoy its beauty and simplicity, and it adds some joy to your lives !! P.S.: Do look out for the Song in all our South Languages … Each version has a distinct identity and we’ve done our best on each of them!”.

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